Dormitory Druzba provides accommodation only for students who attend a faculty of medicine, law and natural sciences that are a part of Comenius University.

Students who are going to attend faculties of: Management, Philosophy, Pharmacy, Physical education and sports, Mathematics, Education, Social and economic sciences please follow this link in order to apply for accommodation. Your accommodation is located at the dormitory Vysokoškolské mesto Ľ. Štúra - Mlyny. 

The layout of the dortmitory Druzba is in a cell system in three bedded rooms with a bathroom, shower, toilet and a kitchenette (hotplate, fridge) shared by two rooms in each cell. All rooms have an internet access. A laundrette, used by our students, is situated in each building. Lunch and dinner are available in the student canteen, snacks and beverages in the cafeteria. The accommodated students can enjoy their leisure activities in our sports area (tennis court, beach volleyball court, basketball court) or in a small bar with a friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

There is a health centre on-site, providing a primary health and dentistry care.


General information

Accommodation is provided for one semester (5 months) or for two semesters (10 months).  On the day of your arrival please visit our accommodation office. If you arrive after hours, you will receive the key to your room at the reception desk. In that case you are obliged to visit the accommodation office next business day in the dormitory working time: Monday to Thursday 8am to 3pm, Friday 8am to 1pm.

Payment policy

The full amount of the rent for the whole booked period must be paid in cash at the dormitory in one payment upon signing the Accommodation Contract.

A deposit of 160 Euro is payable via bank transfer as a security against any damage to the dormitory’s property or a loss of the apartment’s  keys. The deposit will be given back cash in the case of observance of the rules laid down in the Contract / Confirmation of deposit payment.

Cancellation Charges

If you cancel your contract after the tenancy start date you will be liable for the full contracted rent.
If the contract is cancelled by the management of the Dormitory Druzba from other reasons (breaking some terms of the Accommodation Contract or Dormitory Internal Rules) you will be liable for the full contracted rent as well.


Security policy

For security reasons we ensure a continuous service at the reception desk.
Each student obtains an accommodation card which grants a permission to enter the building. Students are obliged to show it to the staff whenever they enter the dormitory. All visitors must be reported at the reception desk. Smoking, using drugs and alcohol beverages are strictly forbidden in the area of the student dormitory. All students are obliged to keep the Accommodation Rules and sign the Accommodation Contract before being accommodated and pay all contracted accommodation fees.

When requested, all tenants are obliged to show their personal lodging card to any member of the staff of the SDD in order to prove their identity. The staff of the SDD is authorized to withhold the lodging card temporarily, if the situation demands it. If the tenant rejects showing or handing over the lodging card to the staff of the SDD, the management of the SDD will consider it as a reason for cancellation of the Accommodation Contract